Water Damage Restoration

Extreme Clean Escondido is the company to call if you are in need of water damage restoration. We serve the Escondido, California area. We take pride in the service that we give our customers.

There are several reasons that you should call a professional. Our professionals will be able to extract the water much faster than you would if you were to try to remove it by yourself. The area will also be able to dry faster.

Hiring a professional will also protect your health. If standing water is left for a long time, then mold can develop in the area. Hazardous bacteria can also grow in standing water. Fortunately, a professional can prevent that from happening.

Furthermore, you will be able to save money by hiring a water restoration service. The sooner you have the water cleaned up, the less likely serious damage is to result. That is why we recommend that you call our office as soon as possible.

Our professional and experienced team goes the extra mile when performing water restoration. We also give them high-quality tools they need to remove the water. The tools and cleaning solutions are not only highly-effective, but they are extremely safe. These are just a few of the many ways that we ensure the service is great.

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